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I'm an avid reader, life coach and writer in Portland, Oregon.


My passion for reading was ignited at a young age. Back when kindergarten was about fingerpainting and naptime, recess and sharing, you didn't really start reading, writing and 'rithmetic until later. But I remember sitting in circle in kindergarten class for sharing. Paul was invited to sit on Miss Bayard's lap to read his book on elephants.

A whole new world of possibilities opened up in my mind as I began to realize that if doofy Paul could learn about elephants from reading, I could do that and so much more!

Soon I had my own library card and devoured every book I could get my hands on. My family still teases me about how I not only read books, but EVERYTHING else I could get my paws on, cereal boxes, coupons, small print, instructions booklets, leaflets, junk mail. Everywhere I've lived, the first thing I did was get a library card.

Over time I've fine-tuned my reading preferences. I always enjoy contemporary literature, a few best-sellers and non-fiction books related to hobbies or professional interests. Right now my stack of non-fiction books is heavy on personal development. As a life coach I'm always looking for different ways to inspire my clients. In the past I've focused on pets, natural health and healing, writing, consulting, personal finance and wealth.

I hope you'll share with me your thoughts on the books I'm reading and will share your own recommendations. Happy reading!