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July 14, 2007


Laura Houston

Hi Shannon. I am SL's sister. She has been trying to get us to connect for a long time. I am in NYC for 3 weeks and have time to actually read and do things on my computer besides work! Susan and I have been talking about books lately and she gave me your blog site, especially since I was I Chocolat/Johnny Depp fan. He is definitely the chosen fantasy for us 40 year olds and if the occasion ever arose for a bit of a hook up with JD my husband would say "have at it, you only live once!"
Have you read any of Macguire's books. SP? I loved Wicked and Son of a Witch. I have tried to get Susan to read them. NO succcess as of yet. I found his other fairytale knock offs very dry though. Mirror, Mirror and Tale of an Ugly Step Sister were duds in my book (haha). Some others I wonder if you have come across that are my absolute favorites of the past decade: The Red Tent, Ishmael and 2 others that follow it (cant remember names off hand), and The Secret Lives of Bees. I am about to finish a couple of junky romance/mystery novels I kind of wish I hadn't started but hey, "The Big Bad Wolf tells All" by Donna Kauffman has a 2 chapter sex scene that makes you want to go take care of things any way you can find! Anyway-I guess I have "shared" enough for now. -L


Thanks for the comments Laura! I loved Wicked, and just re-read it for my bookclub, it remains one of my favorites. I haven't read Son of a Witch, but I have read the others. I didn't care for them nearly as much as the idea of them! I've read the Red Tent and The Secret Lives of Bees -- loved them both. Haven't read Ishael or the other two, will have to check them out.

Great to hear from you -- enjoy your New York reading frenzy!


Shannon I was finally able to watch Chocolat. This is not like me, but I wish I'd read the book first. I did like the movie, great story and loved where and how it was filmed. Especially loved some of the subtleties in it. Judi Dench was wonderful, I became more intrigued in her character then anyone else. I want to grow old like that. Have a little of it down now! I'm not a big JD fan but like his movies. Sean Connory melts me, so had he played opposite Juliette then we're talking... Watching the Bonus Features was good too. Interviews were great. Disappointed in two scenes they took out. And after seeing JD's hair style in one outtake... very happy they re-filmed it. Movie is worth keeping around and watching from time to time.

Now to sit with the book and a box of chocolate, better yet, hot chocolate! Chia Rum Latte got me thru the movie.


If you liked Judi Dench's character in the movie, you should definitely read the book! Armande was even more intriquing. While the story has the same feeling (and same general plot), it is different enough to make the book a worthwhile read even after seeing the movie. But then I've read the book twice now and seen the movie twice more than that!


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